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NamePosition in GroupCompleted YearCurrent Position (if known)
Dr. Gautam Trivedi Graduate StudentFall 2019Naval Research Lab.
Dr. Nazanin RastegardoostGraduate StudentSpring 2018
Dr. Soroor Aram Graduate StudentSpring 2018
Dr. Hatim S. HusseinGraduate StudentSpring 2016
Dr. Pouyan AhmadiGraduate StudentSpring 2015
Dr. Akram BaharloueiGraduate StudentSpring 2013
Dr. Kunpeng LiuGraduate StudentSpring 2013
Dr. Alireza Babaei[Graduate StudentSpring 2009
Dr. Shujia GongGraduate StudentFall 2007
Dr. Chris St. JeanGraduate StudentSummer 2006
Dr Daniel Awduche Graduate StudentFall 2003
Dr. Ali ZadehGraduate StudentFall 2002
Dr. Esmael DinanGraduate StudentSpring 2001
Dr. Mostafa SafaviGraduate StudentFall 1994
Dr. ┼×irin TekinayGraduate StudentSummer 1994
Dr. Sohail Zafar Graduate StudentSummer 1994
Dr. Ferit Yegenoglu Graduate StudentSummer 1992
Dr. Liang Zhang Postdoc2021-presentGeorge Mason University
Dr. Alireza Babaei Postdoc2009-2010George Mason University
Srinivas SandhyaM.S. Graduated2017
Nazanin RastegardoostM.S. Graduated2015
Hanke ChengM.S. Graduated2014
Guruprasad RaoM.S. Graduated2011
Nikhil BhagwatM.S. Graduated2009
Anoop K PalvaiM.S. Graduated2008
Vikram V KamathM.S. Graduated2008
Gautam Trivedi M.S. Graduated2008
Qian XuM.S. Graduated2007
Anupreet ChhabraM.S. Graduated2006
Sameer SharmaM.S. Graduated2004
Sadaf FardeenM.S. Graduated2004
Shujia GongM.S. Graduated2003
Mengbing ShenM.S. Graduated2003
Haoxin SongM.S. Graduated2002
Rajiv PapnejaM.S. Graduated2002
Ravi NagarajanM.S. Graduated1999
Sergio MontanoM.S. Graduated1995
Geet SachidanandaM.S. Graduated1994
Sridhar KowdleyM.S. Graduated1993
Usha NarayananM.S. Graduated1993
Ashish SagarM.S. Graduated1993
Hamid RazaviM.S. Graduated1992
Kavita KhannaM.S. Graduated1992
W. Scott WainnerM.S. Graduated1991
Jian WangM.S. Graduated1990
Rajeev BhardwajM.S. Graduated1990
Lynn Patterson M.S. Graduated1990
Srivatsan K. MurthyM.S. Graduated from SIU1983
Ramesh S. K.M.S. Graduated from SIU1983
Prof. Biswanath Mukherjee M.S. Graduated from SIU1983
Krishnakumar S. PurswaniM.S. Graduated from SIU1983
Mukunda ShresthaM.S. Graduated from SIU1982