Cloud Computing

  • Programmable Cyber Architecture Design

    Cyber-Infrastructure (CI) is a critical element in achieving novel scientific discoveries and helping the research and development of new technologies. The next generation of research supporting CI should provide dynamic end-to-end platforms with guaranteed resource allocation and allow users easily deploy the cyber-system elements and adapt them towards their current and future requirements. In this paper we consider a programmable cyber architecture which can implement this next generation of CI and discuss how the user requirements are met. This is based on a formal, comprehensive model for service abstraction and service construction – a framework and a generic virtualization model that offers a simplified common treatment of CI resources across all classes and services, in a scalable and secure architecture.

  • High Performance Internetworking

    The objective of the research in high performance internetworking is to examine network architectures, network control and routing algorithms that are applicable to next generation Internet. Of interest are traffic engineering and load balancing, signaling and routing, and modeling and perforamance analysis. Our efforts in the past inlcuded helping pave the way for industry to adopt multiprotocol lable switching in thier next generation Internet.


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