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  • Ph.D. Program(GPA 4.0), Information Technology, 08/96 - Present
  • George Mason University
  • Ph.D. Program(GPA 3.75), Electrical Engineering, 09/93 - 07/96
  • Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, Beijing, China
  • Bachelor of Science(GPA 3.7), Computer Science, 07/93
  • Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, Beijing, China


  • Operating System: Windows/95, Unix, OpenWin, DOS
  • Languages: HTML, Java, Perl, C/C++, PLM, Pascal, Assembly, SQL
  • Software: Visual C++, OPNET, MATLAB, GPSS/H, MPL, Visual Basic


  • Graduate Research Assistant 08/96 - Present
  • Telecom. Lab, Dept. of ECE, George Mason University
    Researching the teletraffic aspects of wireless communication systems, including simulation and theoretical analysis.
  • System Engineer(part time) 05/95 - 07/96
  • Fore Systems - BUPT Technical Support Center
    Providing ATM networking solutions, Installing ATM LAN for clients.
  • System Analyst and Developer 09/94 - 07/96
  • Acted as one of the key members in designing an Integrated Stored Programmed Control Switching System andDeveloped the software of the Interface Module between the Central ATM Switching Unit and the Peripheral 64Kbps Voice Switching Units.
  • Graduate Research Assistant 09/94 - 07/96
  • National Lab of Telecom.,
    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    Researched the internetworking between Broadband ISDN and N-ISDN, and published some papers.
  • Programmer 05/92 - 05/94
  • Dept. of CS., Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    Developed the user module & central processor module software of the SPC switching system.
  • Others
  • Academic Secretary of ISIBí95
    Graduate Teaching Assistant, BUPT
    Assisted in Designing a Distributed ATM Campus Network of BUPT


    Sports, Traveling, Classical Music


  • Motorola Scholarship, BUPT, 1990 1991 1992 1994
  • Fellowship, George Mason University, 1996


    Find a challenging job in the area of telecommunications networks (ATM & Wireless Networking preferred)


    Available on request

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