ECE 642: Design and Analysis of Computer Communication Networks

ECE 642 Design and Analysis of Computer Communication Networks (3:3:0), Fall semester 2017

Prerequisites:      ECE 528 and 542, or equivalent
Time: Tuesday 4:30 -7:10 pm
Location: Planetary Hall 124
Professor: Bijan Jabbari
Office hours: Thursdays 3:00-4:30 pm, other times by appointment
Office: Engineering Building, Room 3232
Phone: 703.993.1618
Goal: Modeling of computer networks using basic concepts in queueing theory, analysis of state-dependent queues, imbedded Markov chains, and networks of queues; throughput-delay analysis of local and wide area networks; routing and IP-based networks; other topics include Multi Protocol Label Switching Traffic Engineering (MPLS-TE), OSPF, BGP and other Internet protocol Performance modeling, CSPF and Path Computation; random access and polling schemes, capacity allocation, flow and congestion control, routing and IP-based networks.

Tentative Course Outline

  • Background and review of basic concepts in computer networks, review of discrete random variables, point processes.
  • Introduction to queueing theory, M/M/1 queue, state probabilities, expected queue size and delay, Little¡¯s formula.
  • Markov chains and M/M/1 queueing systems, imbedded Markov chain: the M/G/1 queue.
  • The imbedded Markov chain analysis of time-division multiplexing.
  • Networks of queues, open queueing systems, closed queueing systems, Independence assumption.
  • Congestion control and modeling using closed queueing networks.
  • Constraint-based routing, Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), and traffic engineering.
  • Statistical multiplexing gain, congestion control and routing in MPLS networks, analysis of leaky bucket rate control algorithm, delay bounds.
  • Performance of local and wide area networks incorporating routers.
  • Performance analysis of polling and random access techniques.
  • Queueing modeling of higher level protocols, or other selected topics.


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  • Bijan Jabbari, Lecture Notes, 2007.


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  • Class Notes


  • Homework 5%
  • Term-paper/Projects 25%
  • Mid-term Examination 30%
  • Final Examination 40%