ECE 642: Design and Analysis of Computer Communication Networks


ECE 528 and 542, or equivalent.


This course will cover the analytical and design aspects of packet switched and forwarding networks (e.g., IP-based networks), routing (intra-domain and Inter-domain), and path computation algorithms. The course starts with a treatment of a single node (e.g., a router or a switch) as a queueing system and continues with modeling of virtual channels through a network of queues. Also, topics such as admission control modeling, performance evaluation of local and wide area computer networks (e.g., LANs, IP/Internet, MPLS Traffic Engineering), and analysis of random access techniques are covered. See Course Syllabus for more details.

Note 1

The course will use MATLAB for projects assigned in the class. Projects are real life examples of network design.

Note 2

This course is also helpful if you plan to take ECE 741: Wireless Networks in Spring semester.