ECE 542: Computer Network Architectures and Protocols

ECE 542 Computer Network Architectures and Protocols (3:3:0), Spring semester 2013

Prerequisites:      Graduate Standing and STAT 344 or MATH 351 or equivalent
Time: Monday 7:20 -10:00 pm
Location: Robinson Hall Room A123
Professor: Bijan Jabbari
Office hours: Monday 2:00 -2:30 pm
Office: Eng. Bldg Rm 3232
Phone: 703.993.1618
Goal: This class will cover the protocol and architecture of modern computer communication networks, including LANs, MANS, WANs and other packet switched networks. Particular attention will be given to Internet, ATM, and Frame Relay architectures and protocols. Some performance aspects of computer networks will also be discussed.


  • A. Leon-Garcia and I. Widjaja, Communications Networks, latest ed., McGraw-Hill.

References and Additional Readings:

  • A. Tanenbaum, Computer Networks, 3rd ed., Prentice-Hall, 1996.
  • M. Schwartz, Telecommunication Networks: Protocols, Modeling and Analysis, Addison Wesley, 1987.


  • Homework 10%
  • Mid term Examination 40%
  • Final Examination 50%