ECE 741: Wireless Networks

ECE 741 Wireless Networks, Spring semester 2014

Prerequisites:      ECE 528 and 542, or equivalent
Time: Monday 4:30 -7:10 pm
Location: Innovation Hall 209
Professor: Bijan Jabbari
Office hours: Monday 2:00 -3:30 pm, Other times: by appointment
Office: Eng. Bldg Rm 3232
Phone: 703.993.1618
Goal: This class will cover necessary foundation and the state of the art application for Wide Area and Local Area wireless networks. In a nutshell, this course will give you the basis for understanding the radio and infrastructure aspects of the wireless networks and wireless Internet.

Tentative Course Outline

  • Overview of Wireless Communications and Networking; background and review of fundamentals (1 lecture)
  • Characterization of the wireless medium (1 lecture)
  • Principles of cellular wireless networks (1 lecture)
  • Wireless medium access alternatives (1 lecture)
  • Basic traffic and mobility models (2 lecture)
  • Handoff strategies and analysis (1 lecture)
  • Channel assignment and routing strategies (1 lecture)
  • Application of traffic and mobility models in planning and design of wireless (1 lecture)
  • Wireless Local Area Networks: IEEE 802.11/wifi and LTE (2 lectures)
  • Ad hoc and sensor networks (1 lecture)
  • Mobile IP (1 lecture)
  • Wireless Internet (1 lecture)
  • Packet CDMA and admission policies
  • Analysis of traffic performance of multi-tiered cellular networks


  • Copies of the manuscript Wireless Networks, B. Jabbari and X. Lagrange will be distributed.
  • Mischa Schwartz, Mobile Wireless Communications, Cambridge University Press, 2005 (ISBN 0-521-84347-2).

References and Additional Readings:


  • Homework 5%
  • Term-paper 20%
  • Mid term Examination 35%
  • Final Examination 40%