ECE 699

Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering -- Teletraffic and Mobility in Wireless Networks (3:3:0).

Prerequisite: ECE 642 or ECE 643.

Description: Teletraffic and mobility are among important challenging issues related to providing high quality services to users in wireless networks. This course has been designed to provide an in-depth treatment of this subject. The emphasis will in particular be on teletraffic modeling and performance evaluation techniques, analysis of mobility, handoff, control traffic loading and other networking issues. This course will provide students who have already obtained the necessary analytical background in ECE 642 or ECE 643 courses with the necessary theoretical foundation and state of the art performance evaluation methods. The students will be able to understand the traffic and mobility models for various network subscribers and use this knowledge in the design of single-tiered or multi-tiered wireless networks and evaluate system capacity for voice or data traffic. Furthermore, they will learn advanced networking concepts such as the use of intelligent networks in providing a framework for mobility and enhanced services. Representative topics are given in the following outline.

Syllbus: Spring'97